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Cosmetic dentistry : Nowadays, aestetics has become a very important image element at all levels, so that aesthetic dentistry is a relevant element for a perfect smile.


- bleaching treatments
- prosthetics porcelain restoration of damaged frontal   teeth (through cavities or fractures)
- modern bleaching and aesthetic dentistry techniques
-spaced and crooked teeth

Dental propylaxis : Prevention of dental diseases has increasingly become nowadays, a bigger need than ever, in order to prevent diseases or complications which are difficult to be treated and painful.

  - correct dental hygiene instructions
- bacterial plaque control
- fissures and fosses sealing
- professional cleaning and ultrasounds dental scaling
- special trays fluoridation procedures

Surgery and dental implantology : An important place in modern dentistry is occupied by the dental implants; we are going discust this particular service, as it is a specialty of our clinic.

  - teeth extractions with alveoloplastics
- odontectomy
- apical resection
- dental implants

OdontologyIt includes diverse methods meant to improve and heal different teeth problems, from cavities to complications that affect the dental pulp and the supporting tissues.

  - full and complex treatment of cavities and teeth pain
- light-cured esthetic restorations
- dental hypersensitivity treatment
- bio-compatible materials used under crown   restorations, in order to preserve teeth vitality
- root restorations using modern non-irritant   techniques through condensation and sealing

Prosthetics : prosthetic treatments are a very important category of dentistry as they allow restoration of replacement of teeth that have lost their functionality or that have been totally lost due to complications of cavities. We can provide.

  - prosthetic procedures (crowns, bridges) using   porcelain materials
- crowns totally in porcelain
- porcelain crowns on gold claspsr
- occlusal stabilization
- complete hidden clasps dentures
-Implants based prosthetics

Periodontology :  Gums disease is a frequent dental problem which can lead to tooth loosing. Gingivitis (gums inflammation) and periodontitis (periodontal disease) are the most common gums diseases in adults. Therefore, the clinic provides a wide range of treatments.

  - gums diseases prevention
- gingivitis and periodontitis treatment
- occlusal equilibration treatment for periodontic teeth


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