Provided services:
  « Prophylaxis
- advises concerning oral hygiene;
      - bacterial plaque control;
      - fluoridation;
  « Odontology
      - complete and complex treatment          of  dental cavities and pains;
      - treatment of  dental          hypersensitivity;
  « Prosthetics
      - crowns, dental bridges,ceramics;
      - crowns made of ceramics;
      - ceramic crowns on golds keleton;
  « Periodontology
      - treatment of gingivitis;
« Cosmetic dentistry
       - bleaching treatments;
       - modern technics;

  1. About Implant system ?
  2. About implants ?
  3. Patients’ questions:
    - What are the advantages and disadvantages of       the implants?
    - Is the treatment painful?
    - Do I have to expect a certain discomfort after       the treatment?
    - What am I allowed to do before and after the       treatment?
    - How long will the implant last?
    - Are there any guarantees regarding an        implant?
    - Can the implant be rejected?
    - In what situations is it impossible to insert        implants?

  4.Treatment plan?

  « Dr. Manu Cristian - specialist in implantology;
  « Dr. Manu Andrea 

   The clinic was set up in1998 and it is offers a wide range of dentistry treatments, such as :

   prophylaxis, odontology, prosthetics, periodontology, surgery and implantology.

   The materials used during the treatments, the anaesthetics, disinfectant solutions, are made
European Union and they have all quality certificates








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